How to Create a Free Blogger Blog

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Blogger is an online service owned by Google Inc. that publishes single or multi-user blogs easily FREE of cost. Generally all blogger blogs are hosted by Google at the subdomain of blogspot.com. If you are not familiar with this service, this article will guide you to create a FREE blogger blog. Come, join the blogosphere. 

Step 1:

Navigate to the site http://www.blogger.com/home using your web browser.

Step 2:

If you do not have a Google Account, click Sign Up to get one. Create a Google Account by filling up the following form:
If you have a Google Account, then start the process from the underneath page directly. You can create your blog by signing into the Blogger account:
Step 3:
Type the name of the blog, name of the URL and then check availability. If the blog address is available, you can continue or modify the blog name again. Furthermore, type the required characters in the 'the word verification' box & click continue.  
Step 4:
Choose a starter Template from a variety of available templates, which will act as the basic design/layout of your blog.

Step 5:

Click Blogging & you will enter the blogosphere.

You can create new blog posts, edit posts, give title to the posts, & publish posts by clicking 'posts' tab. By clicking 'pages' tab, you can edit pages. 'Template' tab will open variety of templates to be chosen by you, & you can adjust the display characteristics of your template. From 'settings' tab, you can adjust publishing, comments, archiving, permissions, & other settings.

The following video will give you a more clear picture:

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