Use Google to Improve your Business


Google Labs is continuously creating/modifying a lot of products/tools which can boost your online business. Let us discuss some Google Products in order to improvise the ecommerce businesses that we are running.

Google Alerts:
This product will provide us with the latest information in our niche or industry. Simply enter the keywords or the topic concerned that we are interested to monitor, & all the resulting information will be received via our mailbox. The information may be about the type of data to be retrieved from news or blogs or videos or volume of results we would like to receive from the internet. Using this, you can track a developing news story, stay current on a competitor, or get the latest scoop on world events. (Price: Free)

Google Alerts
Google Groups:
You can set up a business group that anyone of your company or clients can access. Using this, you can collectively organize meetings, store files, and create topics for brainstorming on any project. (Price: Free)

Google Groups

You can edit, store, & share photos with Picasa. Slideshows of your products can be created & embedded into your website, for better understanding of your customers. (Price: Free)

You can set up multiple numbers for your business, & have them all ring to any phone, regardless of the carrier or device in use. Using this, you can set up a single number that rings you anywhere, get transcribed voice mail messages via your mailbox, & receive free calls and text messages in the USA & Canada, with very low rates in the rest of the world. (Price: Free)
Google News:
Stay in touch with the latest breaking news locally or globally. This site has been broken down into various sections such as: World, USA, UK, Business, and Science & Technology etc. (Price: Free)


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