Working Towards an Effective Online Business

  • Dream big but never daydream to be a millionaire overnight.
  • Your short term goals must be stretched by a route-planner to long term for achieving online business goals.
  • Plan your work efficiently & move up effectively.
  • Work towards identifying right & targeted visitors to your website, in order to get higher conversion rates.
  • Visitors must not be distracted by per page pop-ups.
  • You must track your data generated like Sales, CTR, & Traffic in order to monitor the progress of your business goal, and refine the business management techniques intermittently for continuous improvement.
    A lousy landing page of your website will certainly create negative impression on the visitor's mind. Please avoid that.
  • Your competitive spirit & positive attitude will destroy the competitors.
  • Share your ideas with your friends and visitors through your solid base in the social media.
  • Create a unique work culture & try ambitiously to upgrade them periodically to get a solid strong business base.
  • Implement SEO Techniques, and apply Google Tools to upgrade your Google PageRank & Amazon's Alexa rank.
  • Always have a positive attitude towards the comments received from the visitors, and respond them in time with the best possible solutions.
  • Learning is a continuous process & you must know the latest technological advancements in your niche & try to apply them.
  • Your website's design & look of the pages must be very attractive though simple, for captivating the visitor's mind.
  • Your domain name must be very very attractive, so that it will be the future's brand name.
  • Never spam & violate the terms and conditions of the associated websites.
  • Your blog must be centered on a subject, and the contents should revolve around it in an orbital motion: Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion. 
  • Success touches the feet of a hard-worker. Follow this proverb.
  • You can set up a broadcasting medium from your business blog, such as: email subscription.
  • Always take back up of the data as good as contents of your blog. 
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