Five Photo Tools on Google +

Courtsey: USA Today

Auto Backup:

One can automatically back up camera phone photos with the Google + app for Android and Apple devices. Simply download the app, click on the 'auto backup' tab in the settings, and photos taken by mobile device will be privately uploaded to G+. One can log into the G+ account and galleries, add tags, & descriptions that can be created & shared on the social network and email.  

Auto Enhance:

The tools of Google's Nik Software, a plug-in of Photoshop have been built into G+ to auto enhance with improved color saturation & clarity. One has the option of undoing the auto tools, & showcasing the picture without enhancements.
GIFs & Panoramas:
Google Plus converts a series of pictures into GIFs (Graphical Interchange Format OR Bitmap Image Format) that can be posted on the network, which also automatically create panoramas of scenic shots. 
Suppose one uploaded 2000 photos into G+, after returning from a holiday. Google plus will create a highlight showcase for him/her, so that searching a top photo will be more easier.
Google's search tools have been embedded in G+ in order to go through the complete online photo library. In addition to simple photo search, advannced queries such as: 'red'  implies to photos that include red sunsets or red clothes etc. & 'wine' to photos that include wine bottles etc. which are very difficult to search. This is a very fast way to find photos.
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