Your Password Portability

It is a secret word or string of characters that is used for user authentication to prove identity, or for access approval to gain access to a system or resource. A typical computer user has passwords for many purposes: logging on, retrieving email, accessing applications, databases, networks, websites, or any other restricted use application. Most ecommerce organizations specify a password policy that sets requirements for the usage and composition of passwords, typically dictating minimum length, specified categories (i.e. numbers, minimum upper & lower case letters, & special characters), & prohibited elements (DOB, name, & address).
The security of a password protected system depends on several factors, i.e. protection against viruses, cyber criminal attacks, shoulder surfing, keyboard sniffing etc. & hence the passwords should be 100% secured. Password Managers usually do the job of securing the passwords. But can the password manager be portable, or simply transferred from one place to another without the system, using a flash drive? The portable program is such a software, which can run on a computer without installation, & thus can be launched from a flash drive.

Example of a portable password manager is 'Password Safe'. This open source software allows you to safely and easily create a secured & encrypted username/password list. In order to unlock & access your entire password database file, you have to create & remember a single "Master Password". You can create the password database file here, & then install this software into a computer & drag and drop the program folder onto a flash drive, & then safely remove the drive. Thereafter, you can connect this flash drive to any other Windows computer & launch 'Password Safe'. There are a lot of versions of 'Password Safe' available in the Internet.
When you launch 'Password Safe' from the flash drive on the remote computer, & browse to open the password database file, the program will default to the documents folder. You will have to navigate the drives & folders to get to the file, which exists in the flash drive.
When you close the program, it leaves an icon in the notification area. You have to right click that icon & exit the program, before Windows allow you to safely remove the flash drive.
Mobile Option:
If you have a Smartphone or Tablet, 'Password Safe' is available as Android apps. 
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