Methods to Improve Email Marketing

Email marketers use various techniques to improve the efficiency of their campaign, as they always try to ensure to send timely targeted messages to right recipients. The campaign effectiveness depends on the opening rate of the emails by the subscribers, because a lot of customers need not open the email to go through it. Forget about the actions: open - read - click a link - make a purchase - close.

1. Subject line should be less than 50 characters:
Subject lines should be short, pointed, object oriented, & simple. This line should be tested by friends, colleagues, & yourself, in order to check the veracity of its potential & impact. You must not be clever enough to mislead the audience with a vague or misleading subject line, as most customers spend approximately 15 seconds to read one email. So always try to focus on one subject per one email.
The subject line should be personalized by including the recipient's name & other pertinent informations (as per customer database), in order to build a trust bridge between you and the recipient. Through the subject line, develop a 'scarcy', instead of 'salesy' attitude for your products before the recipient, that imply the degree of urgency.  
The subject line should always include the name of the company or newsletter, which will create a bond between you and your customer. Always try avoiding 'spam' words like 'free', 'cash', 'Dollar sign - $", & 'act now' in the subject lines, as they will be caught in the spam filters & thus never be opened by the clients.

2. Brand value & Timing: 
Correct 'from' name & email address must be chosen in order to reflect a professional brand image, so that the clients will be encouraged to open & read the email. The email should be relevant to the 'Offer' made to the customer.
Example: Your offer should come from offer@xyzclothing.com  in case of your clothing department, and webinar@xyzcompany.com in case of a webinar invite.
The customers should be separated into relevant groups matching their needs & your offer. The emails should be sent in varying frequencies & result patterns should be analyzed to refine the mailing time system.
3. Exercise:
Your client base list as per your database should be segmented into meaningful groups. Execute A/B testing (This is an advertising methodology using randomized experiments with two variants , A & B, which are the control & treatment in the controlled experiment) in order to see whether any 'subject lines' or 'from addresses' result in higher open rates. Accordingly the best solution will be evolved.  
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