Ecommerce: A Statistical View of Middle East

The estimated number of internet users in the Middle East is 90 Million, whereas, 15%  businesses have online presence. It is estimated that B2C (A transaction that occur between a company and a consumer) ecommerce sales in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) will shoot up from $9 Billion USD in 2012 to $15 Billion USD in 2015. The value of mcommerce in MENA is projected to reach $4.9 Billion USD in 2015.
Shopping Trends:
1. Online Shopping of  People By Age:
31% < 16 years 
41% > 16 years < 25 years 
52% > 26 years < 35 years 
53% > 35 years .
2. Online Shopping By Gender:
32% female 
68% male 

Payment Structure:
47% consumers in the Middle East own a payment card. 30% of online purchases of physical goods in the Middle East are paid online, while 70% purchases are paid through cash-on-delivery system.

Consumers Use: 
47% - Pre-paid cards
30% -Credit Cards
30% -Bank transfer system
28% -Cash -on - delivery system
27% -PayPal
66% consumers use the internet to research products and services, while 33% internet users in the Middle East regularly use internet to research or purchase products. Among all GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries, 43% of internet users reported making an online purchase at least once a month.
Shopping Trends:

41% -Online games
31% -Computer software
28%-Electronics items
17% -Clothes
14% -Accessories
15%- Entertainment
13%-Books & Magazines
11%-Home Appliances
05%-Food & Drinks
08%-Beauty & Health

Reasons for Online Shopping:

64%-Better Offer
38%-Easy to compare products
36%-Wide range of products
34%-Option to read product reviews
28%-More payment options
Courtsey: Go-Gulf
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