How online profiles can be deleted in a click?

You must be tired of having signing up hundreds of websites or apps just to know the inside story, & then climb uphill deleting your online profiles from the unnecessary ones. A lot of companies or websites use dark pattern techniques to make it difficult to find how to delete your online profile or account. A dark pattern is a type of user interface that has been carefully crafted to trick users into doing things, such as buying insurance with purchase or signing up for recurring bills.

Robb Lewis and Ed Poole came up with a solution through a website Justdelete.me, which aggregates the "delete" pages of at least 100 popular sites. This website aims to be a directory of 'urls' to enable you to delete your account from the web services. You can also submit the 'account delete page' of a site you know to Justdelete.me, that is not listed over there.
The links provided in the website Justdelete.me have been color coded to indicate the difficulty level of account deletion:
GREEN: Simple process,
YELLOW: Some extra steps involved,
RED: Cannot be fully deleted without consulting customer services,
BLACK: Cannot be deleted.
  • In order to delete Skype, you must know five contacts, your sign up email address, & the month you created your account.
  • To delete Spotify, you have to contact the customer service.
  • You cannot delete your profiles in Netflix, Pinterest, & Craigslist.
  • To delete your account in Vine, you have to contact Twitter directly. 

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