E Commerce Security

Online companies that engaged in financial transactions and collect personal customer data need to be very very careful about their internet security. Though the e commerce merchants put stress in protecting Credit Card information of their customers, vendors collect a great deal of other informations, which are susceptible to the Cyber criminals.
3/4 th of the security breaches are driven through financial gain motives, while, Cyber security is associated with foreign espionage. Usually, Cyber criminals gain access to the customer information in two ways: 1. from data stored in e commerce merchant's network, and 2. through access to the consumer's physical devices. The increasing use of the mobile devices for online purchasing is highly vulnerable to Cyber criminals owing to lack of mobile security system and user's negligence. Malware can infect the e commerce merchant's main server. Professional hackers usually use backdoors: a critically programmed tool, which creates an undocumented method of gaining access to a network, allowing repeated intrusions into the computer systems, and the breach in security will go undetected for several months.
Effective Cyber security measures include installing a Firewall that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic, antivirus software, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and encryption encoding.
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